Urban Fantasy Promo – The Last of the Magi: Book I: The Devouring

Greetings Otherworld travelers.  It’s our final week of the year, so we’re preparing to set it off with a bang.  Starting us off, we’ve got the incredible work of two authors that know how to keep readers on the edge of their seats.  Read on to learn more about The Last of the Magi.

Two authors, G. S. Eli and Patrick Wiley, make magic with their debut fantasy, The Last of the Magi: Book 1: The Devouring.  At the forefront of the story are a set of wonderful characters that readers will truly enjoy spending time with, as well as real stakes, and a recognition of important themes and goals.  It’s a story that carries a powerful message beyond just being an entertaining urban fantasy tale.  Eli and Wiley have managed to craft a story that feels like the best of treasure hunting stories, like Indiana Jones and Goonies, mixed with magical academia stories like Harry Potter and the Magicians.

“You are special Mila, you have the gifts,” that’s what his great aunt always told him. But what does that old fortune teller know? Mila, a 17-year-old orphan living in a Gypsy slum near Berlin, is far more interested in American comic books and fixing up his vintage motorcycle than he is about his aunt’s crazy prophecies, that is until one of them comes true.

Just as she predicted, a dark twist of fate brings two American high schoolers into Mila’s world, Casey an heiress whose kind face and piercing blue eyes hide an inner pain, and Jack her brilliant friend from a much humbler background. Together they stumble upon a secret chamber deep beneath the city and uncover an infernal weapon wielded by history’s cruelest tyrants, a weapon sinister forces still wish to possess. It is up to Mila and his companions to unlock the secrets of the mysterious artifact before it falls into the wrong hands and plunges the world into eternal darkness.

The Last of the Magi is a story filled with characters that could only be dreamed of by the mind of a true Gypsy mystic:

A streetwise pickpocket running from a tragic past.

A coal-miner’s sun manipulated by a neo-fascist cult.

Twin brothers who bring laughter and joy to a bleak modern ghetto

A hard-drinking, arm wrestling fortune-teller

And of course, the Magi.

There has never been a book like The Last of the Magi before, because there’s never been an author like G. S. Eli before.

The Last of the Magi is a difficult book to put down, because it is entertaining throughout.  With rich characters, and a world in the shadows of our own that is ripe for exploring, there is a lot to enjoy here.  These two storytellers have harnessed their talent to open up a world that readers will thoroughly enjoy.  While there seems to be more on the way, this first book is a spectacle all on its own, and perfect for a weekend read.  Check out The Last of the Magi: Book I: The Devouring on Amazon today!

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