Urban Fantasy Promo – The Land at the End of the Rainbow

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another trip through the Otherworld.  I hope that you had a fantasy-filled weekend and that you’re itching for your next favorite read.  We’re starting out this week with a charming and entertaining coming-of-age urban fantasy.  Read on to learn more about The Land at the End of the Rainbow.

Author Andreas Adam has a fun, colorful, and charming story lined up for coming-of-age fantasy lovers.  The Land at the End of the Rainbow is a delightful portal fantasy that is quirky in all the right places.  It fully embraces the magic of imagination, and its characters are entertaining to follow.  Adam manages to include a bit of charm and whimsy into every facet of the story, and its energy carries the story forward at a lovely pace that young readers will enjoy.

An eleven-year-old Swedish girl, Lara, is home alone for the first time. Her family had travelled to southern Germany for her grandmother’s birthday, as her swimming competition was in a few days, she could not go with them. But then, she accidentally meets a colorful parrot in the garden of her house who surprisingly talks like a human and asks her for help to save a world she had never heard of before.

Something is wrong in Pinky’s home, the land at the end of the rainbow. The rainbow clocks that are so important for the rainbow parrots have disappeared and, with them, the chief of the colorful tribe. Lara embarks on an adventurous and exciting journey with the clumsy Pinky that takes them to the magical land at the end of the rainbow and centuries through time. From monks to witches, a stately castle, and enchanted gardens. Will the two save the rainbow world?

The Land at the End of the Rainbow has a sort of addictive quality to it.  It’s broken down into sections, and the stories within feel like three charming parts that work well together.  The end of the book wraps up three wonderful stories, but weaves a narrative through all of them.  While the first three stories might be wrapped up in this magical land, Adam leaves enough room to explore that more could be seen here.  But until that time, this is a great little set of stories, and it will provide lasting appeal to those who enjoy coming-of-age fantasy.  Check out The Land at the End of the Rainbow on Amazon today!

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