Urban Fantasy Promo – The Eternal Heir: Beware the Vampires of Berlin

Greetings travelers, and welcome to a jam-packed week from the Otherworld.  We begin our journey with a trip to shadowy Berlin, where dark forces gather in secret, and plot about how best to rule Europe.  If a vampire-filled fantasy adventure sends your blood pumping, read on to learn more about The Eternal Heir: Beware the Vampires of Berlin.

Author Liv Viola takes a new stab at vampire fiction in the catching and captivating book The Eternal Heir: Beware the Vampires of Berlin.  A master of painting intrigue into her story and into her character’s thoughts, Viola seems to have a bloody good time crafting her tale, and readers ought to enjoy spending time with Ava and the immortals she meets.  The Eternal Heir is a vampire tale with a fresh take, and at times almost reads as an academy fantasy, in the best of ways.  It’s playfully dark without being overwhelming, has some tinges of romance without being saccharine, and its wickedly funny at times as well.

Jean-Pierre has spent the last hundred years hell-bent on destroying the vampire order who keeps the immortals of Europe under their iron rule. The last piece of the puzzle rests in a lonesome girl with a supernatural heritage.

When Ava Schmidt follows an old postcard to Berlin on the hunt for her long-lost family, she’s quickly dragged into the world of the Risen, where she discovers she’s the last hereditary heir to an unbroken line of immortal rulers.

Roped into a centuries-old rebel plot to overthrow her relatives and fighting to master her newfound vampiric powers, Ava struggles to decide on a path for her new eternal future – all while navigating her magnetic attraction to her alluring vampire instructor, Jean-Pierre.

But the rebels are hiding a terrible secret, one which will throw everything she’s been taught into doubt. Torn between loyalty to her new friends and Jean-Pierre, and the ruling family she never knew she had, the fate of the vampires of Europe rests in Ava’s hands.

With snappy chapters and a story that hooks you right from the first few pages, this formidable tale moves quickly.  Viola carefully balances the richness of the underworld she’s created here, and the pacing of an action-packed, romantic vampire lit, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.  She sets the rules in place, and then has all the fun in the world bending and breaking them, and invites fans of the genre to join her there in the moonlight.  With the hint of more from this world apparent, there’s never been a better time to play.  Check out The Eternal Heir: Beware the Vampires of Berlin on Amazon today!

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