Urban Fantasy Promo – The Devil’s Trill

Greetings Otherworlders, and welcome to our first promotion of the week.  We’re starting off strong, with a debut urban fantasy that is sure to get you excited to curl up in your favorite reading nook, and it won’t let go till you’re finished.  Read on to learn more about today’s tale, The Devil’s Trill.

If you’re on the lookout for an urban fantasy filled with catching magic that’s wrapped up in mystery and intrigue, you need look no further than The Devil’s Trill, by N.B. Saltsman.  The author also knows how to create a feeling from her writing, sending chills up your spine or giving you goosebumps at just the right times.  Saltsman has done her research, and as such, the world she’s built behind the veil of our own feels deep and rich.  And is bolstered by characters that begin to feel more like your friends than tour guides showing you the scenery, as they’re multidimensional and dynamic throughout the run of the story.

She devoted her life to studying demons. She never knew one of them was studying her.

As a child, Kayla’s sister tried to scare her by showing her a horror movie about demons. Instead, it grew into a fascination, and then a career. Kayla now travels around the globe studying demonology and possession beliefs from every culture imaginable. Though enriching, her career has convinced her beyond a shadow of a doubt that demons aren’t real. Until she meets Elisa Watkins.

Elisa’s possession is like nothing Kayla has ever seen before…and she’s seen everything. Kayla tries to believe that Elisa is simply faking for attention, a bid for her fifteen minutes of fame, but Kayla’s convictions start to waver the more time she spends in Elisa’s presence. Elisa knows things about Kayla’s past that she couldn’t possibly be able to know. And then there’s that haunting violin song…

Shaken to her core, Kayla is desperate to find answers. But this demon, if he is real, might not be the deadliest threat that Kayla is facing…

If you’re a fan of contemporary fantasy who is looking to be not just entertained, but impressed, The Devil’s Trill is the book for you.  It’s energetic in all the right places, and enigmatic when it is laying out its mysteries.  Though the book ends with great satisfaction, there are still more secrets left to unravel.  With luck, Saltsman will have more from her captivating world soon, but you shouldn’t wait to dive into her incredible debut.  Check out The Devil’s Trill on Amazon today!

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