Urban Fantasy Promo – Out of the Shadow: Under the Wing

Greetings travelers, and welcome to a new dive into the Otherworld.  We’ve undergone a lot in these past few years, and we sometimes look for an escape from what we know into realms that experience things a bit differently than we do.  Even when there are still horrors being held at bay, there’s something captivating about it, especially when there’s the hope of succeeding and finding happiness.  Read on to learn more about Out of the Shadow: Under the Wing.

Exploring themes of personal liberty and a worldwide attempt at an escape from tyranny, Out of the Shadow: Under the Wing, by Blue Matt Jeff, has the sort of hook that keeps the material with readers long after they’ve turned the last page.  Though it presents with a fantasy veneer, the story hits close to home, as some people live the sort of lives that the lead character suffers through in our world as well.  Jeff focuses a lens on the sort of tragedies that people might endure, effectively straddling a line between raising awareness and providing immersive entertainment that readers can’t look away from.

A devastating genetic disease has caused a drastic decrease in male populations. Although their numbers are declining, the powerful still cling to their authority while ignoring the impending peril, while the female population strives to carry on the continuity of humanity.

Princess Malak fled her homeland after her father agreed to an arranged marriage. Her engagement to a cruel and tyrannical man, who shares the same values as her controlling and oppressive family and society, is a formidable barrier to her contentment.

Malak courageously ran away from her country, with the fear of imprisonment or death looming over her, to gain her freedom. To achieve her goals, the princess must cross borders to a country where women have a voice and power.

It doesn’t take long to recognize the author’s writing talents, but with every step deeper into the world they’ve designed, it’s becomes clearer that they have a deep appreciation for fantasy.  Rich with lore and culture, with traditions that might seem incredible or barbaric, there is evidence of plenty of care at hand in the crafting of this realm, and the gripping tale at its forefront.  With multiple projects in the works, this is a great time for readers to familiarize themselves with Blue Matt Jeff’s work.  And perhaps there is even more to explore within the world that Malak hopes to not only survive in, but thrive in.  Check out Out of the Shadow: Under the Wing on Amazon today!

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