Urban Fantasy Promo – First Light: Call of the Forest Realm, Book 1

Howdy folks, and welcome to our final Otherworld trip of the week.  Today we’ll be looking at a fantasy that will take you into the weekend on an excited high.  You’re about to be introduced to a new series that will no doubt tickle your curiosity.  Read on to discover more about First Light.

Author Beryl Kelland brings poetic prose to an alluring and magical portal fantasy that will keep readers engaged from beginning to end.  In First Light: Call of the Forest Realm, Book 1, the author introduces the audience to captivating characters and a world of enchanting majesty.  Kelland paints with the weather, the light, the shadows, and it all has a certain beauty to it that will stick with you from chapter to chapter.  While some of the fantasy that the author writes is familiar, she turns a great deal of it on its head.

Briony Alder has never felt like she belongs. A yearning homesickness and a strange connection to the forest beyond her grandmother’s house fill her with a sense of foreboding. One tempestuous night, Briony is thrust into a world beyond her imagination, guided by the handsome Cirro of the Forest Realm. Briony will discover not only her future, but her destiny—who she is, and who she must become when it’s all over.

First Light is the first installment in the Call of the Forest Realm novella series, by Beryl Kelland.

Within the pages of First Light, Kelland sets up pieces for the saga yet to come.  Though it is a short story, it carries a lot on its shoulders, and reveals just enough without overdoing it, and keeps readers on the edge of their seat.  Think of it as a tasty, bite-sized tale that will leave you hungry for the sequel.  Speaking of which, the sequel, Daybreak, just released yesterday.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out First Light: Call of the Forest Realm, Book 1 on Amazon today!

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