Urban Fantasy Promo – Dawn of Beyonders (Books of Forsaken Futures 1)

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our first Otherworld stop of the week (barring interviews, of course).  We’re actually returning to a world that we’ve been to before, although in today’s case, we have a little less control this time around.  You’ll see what I mean as you delve deeper into the Books of Forsaken Futures.

Once again, we take a look at one of the books at Shawn Nichols, a prolific storyteller who has a knack for writing interwoven tales that coalesce into something complex and brilliant.  Dawn of Beyonders has recently been recompiled, and given some additional clarity, but it’s still as intense and insane as it always was.  Set in the same universe as his massive choose-your-own-adventure book, this first novel in the Forsaken Futures series captures the same strange and captivating magic that readers have come to expect from the author.  Nichols’s characters are back in full force as well, showing off their extreme personalities, all while the author puts them through the wringer.

Criminals have disappeared from around the world and magic has been proven to the masses. But that is just the backdrop. Hale, the light magic type, has been asked by Death to help find his apprentice. He agrees only to find that he would have had to help anyway as his girlfriend has been kidnapped by the same people. The search will lead to an old battlefield that will be new to him.

Nichols is incredibly passionate about the world that he has created here.  Readers will go on a journey that few other authors could handle so well, thanks in part to the copious notes, lore and history that creates the foundation for the Books of Forsaken Futures series.  This initial novel is only the first step into a weird and wild world that fans won’t soon forget.  With four other books already in the catalog, along with an author who thrives on making content, this could be the strange and exciting contemporary fantasy series that you’ve been waiting on.  Check out Dawn of Beyonders (Books of Forsaken Futures 1) on Amazon today!

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