Urban Fantasy Promo – Angel’s Advocate: A Magical Fantasy

Howdy folks, and welcome to our second big Otherworld stop of the week (after a ricochet back to a familiar world yesterday).  We looked at an epic high fantasy yesterday with a lot of cool fantasy elements, but today we’re going with something a little more contemporary—but only to start.  Dive right into today’s Otherworld fantasy, and find out what makes Angel’s Advocate tick.

Author Jalen Jasso desires to write for his readers to escape into.  Angel’s Advocate: A Magical Fantasy is Jasso’s debut fantasy, and it is a wonderful story for kids and kids at heart.  Readers will be swept up in the author’s imagination, and will be glad to be along for the ride, as this portal fantasy is as addicting as it is whimsical and captivating.  It also helps that Angel’s Advocate has characters that you feel you can get close to.  Jasso is honest with his characters, letting them speak what is on their minds, rather than having them scheme for the sake of pushing the story forward.

Do you ever feel like there are times in your life that you are being protected by your guardian angel?

Justin Lanel is a depressed high school freshman who would rather stay home and play video games than go to school. One day after school he sees a mysterious girl who walks into the nearby woods, tempting Justin to follow her.

Then suddenly Justin is transported to another world! The world of Valerie is filled with monsters, elves, dwarves, demons, and adventurers. A dark organization is made with the promise to change the world. Justin sets out on an adventure to find out the truth, putting an idea to the test: does he has an angel watching over him?

With touches of the LitRPG genre, Jasso’s debut is perfect for kids who enjoy letting their imagination run wild in fantasy worlds.  It’s fun to follow along with Justin, and to see the new world that opens up to him, and Jasso leaves plenty or room left to explore.  That’s perfect, since the end of this book leaves the door open for a sinister sequel.  With that in mind, there’s no better time than now to dive in and pick up the first in the series.  Check out Angel’s Advocate: A Magical Fantasy on Amazon today!

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