Urban Fantasy Promo – Alterni (The Alt-World Chronicles Book 1)

Hello folks, and welcome to our next stop on the Otherworld express.  I hope you’ve been having a good week, and that you’re ready for another great book (and the start of a new series).  Today feels like one of the truest Otherworld visits, since we’ll be looking at an interesting portal fantasy.  Read on to learn more about Alterni.

Author Sunshine Somerville loves her contemporary fantasies and it shows in both her extensive catalog of published stories, as well as the quality of her storytelling.  Her series opener in her portal fantasy, Alterni (The Alt-World Chronicles Book 1), opens up with charming characters, a perplexing set of events, and the promise of so many twists and turns as readers follow through.  It’s unexpected, it’s quirky, and it will keep fans engaged and captivated all the way up to its magical conclusion.

Ever have a nightmare where you’re naked in public? What if everyone else in the room was also naked…and also a version of yourself? That’s the reality Esme Kuchis finds herself in, and soon things get even weirder.

She’s not in her Kansas City anymore. This alternate world is home to an ancient, secret Order with a king, conjuri magicians, cavali fighters, and dozens of paranormal races. And the purpose of this magical Order? They protect an unsuspecting public from malevolenci, demonic beasts from otherworldly rifts.

As an alterni summoned to this world, Esme must partner with the king and fight using magic only an alterni can wield. Unfortunately, the model-perfect King Owen is broken by grief and guilt, the Order has little faith in her, and the malevolenci are worse than ever.

Eight alt-Esmes preceded her. Eight lost their lives. Can Esme use her unique gifts to master this world’s magic? If she can’t, the consequences might be more devastating than Owen is willing to say.

Somerville’s alternate world is rife with potential.  It’s familiar enough to our world that you won’t be completely taken out of your element, but it’s different enough that your jaw will often unhinge from your wonderment.  Somerville’s characters are the stunners here, but they play in an alternate version of our world that changes everything you’ve come to believe.  If you’re looking for a story that breaks the rules of what you expect of a fantasy, and breathes new life into the genre with every turn of the page, you won’t want to miss this one.  Check out Alterni (The Alt-World Chronicles Book 1) on Amazon today!

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