Urban Fantasy Promo – A Real Head Scratcher

Greetings travelers, and thank you for joining us for our final stop in the Otherworld for the week.  We’ve got a snack-sized story for you that might be little in size, but it’s big on heart, and you’ll be blown away by what the author does with the subject matter.  Read on to learn more about A Real Head Scratcher.

Far be it from us to believe that the lives of barely-perceptible bugs are anything but epic.  Malik Griffin takes this thought to heart, and crafts an entire story around what it might be like to be a flea on an escapade that would be an odyssey in proportion to a human in A Real Head Scratcher.  When we look at books in the Otherworld, we look at how authors develop their worlds, and Griffin takes some interesting liberties with his story here, giving it more depth than you might expect at first glance.

Two fleas go on an dangerous yet slightly comedic journey for survival. They encounter new threats, new struggles and put their differences aside to live. They not only have to overcome the challenges they face but also their own inner wants and desires, questioning themselves and each other.

A Real Head Scratcher may be brief, yes, but you can tell that the author had a roaring good time with it all the way through.  The heroes of the story are fun to listen to and journey alongside, and by the end, you’re wondering what could possibly happen after the final page.  One thing is for sure: Griffin has a knack for giving humor and gravitas to even the most innocuous-seeming beings.  It will certainly be interesting to see where he goes next.  But for now, best get to scratching with the author’s take on the incredible journey of these fleas.  Check out A Real Head Scratcher, by Malik Griffin, on Amazon today!


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