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  • Interview with Jill Marshall

    Interview with Jill Marshall

    Within the past week we had the wonderful opportunity of promoting a massive franchise by a spectacular author.  Jill Marshall is wrapping up a 19-book contemporary fantasy universe that you must read to believe, and it has been a wild ride learning about her and her stories.  Now, you get to see the great talent…

  • Fantasy Promo – S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce

    Fantasy Promo – S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce

    Greetings Otherworld fans.  I have an incredible treat for you today that you won’t be able to get enough of.  That’s because I’m introducing you to not just one book, but an entire catalog of nineteen stellar young adult adventures that are coming to a close, meaning there’s no better time to move than now. …