EP Promo: Venus Smile… Retrograde by Alpha Cat

Venus Smile... Retrograde album cover by Alpha Cat

Venus Smile… Retrograde’s signature stoner rock vibe is infused by the singers’ soft nonchalance, which is emphasized by a reverb-like, dragged-out sound, and is combined with the straightforward, ear-catching, melodic riffs and intelligent lyrics to create a distinctly ’90s alternative rock formula. 

Podcast Promo: Under Oath with Jeff Kaufman

under oath with jeff kaufman

Under Oath with Jeff Kaufman is an interview show where we talk to interesting people and ask them questions that give you an insight as to who these people are as a whole.

Film Promo: Ticking

Ticking Film Poster

Joey R Marino’s TICKING is a three-time winner at the Cannes World Film Festival that explores themes of family, love, separation, neglect, and abuse.

Game Promo: A Quest That Became Legend

a quest that became legend featured promo

A Quest That Became Legend is a game inspired by old-school RPG classics, with turn-based combat and an open-world environment. Set out on an epic quest to defeat the dark conjurers and save your world from destruction.

Game Promo: Christmas Mystery

Become a detective in this Christmas Mystery. You will have to investigate the mysteries of Santa Claus’ secret Villa. Launching on Kickstarter 9/12/22!

Film Promo: Day of Disappearance

day of disappearance poster

The disturbing new documentary that counts down to the final David Hall YouTube video. DAY OF DISAPPEARANCE is available for pre-order and streams September 4th, 2022.

Song Promo: Puddle by Quan Pablo

Rather Be Rich Then Famous by Quan Pablo

Quan Pablo’s new album, RATHER BE RICH THEN FAMOUS, is now available on all major streaming platforms (Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and more). Check out one of the featured tracks: PUDDLE.