Science Fiction Promo – The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our final promo of the week.  It feels very much like we’ve been saving a whopper for the weekend, because we have a superhero fantasy with a lot of heart that is just waiting to captivate you.  Read on to learn more about The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm.

Authors Terance L. Shipman and Prudence William have amassed a wonderful catalog of books for middle-grade children, but with their latest, the pair have brought to life their best story yet.  In The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons, readers are treated to a family-centric superhero story with wonderful emotional payoff which is all wrapped up in some fantastic magic.  With catching prose by the talented authors, and gorgeous illustrations by Yvonne Abuda, the tale is sure to get its hooks into readers of all ages.  It’s a family that readers can root for, and they’ll want to see what happens next.

Mahalia, an eighth grader, and her brother, Malcolm, a fifth grader are just beginning to learn to use their unique superpowers. Now their family has been attached, and they must use those powers to save their Grandfather from Titus. Titus is evil and seems determined to kill their family. Not knowing why such mayhem has fallen on their family, the siblings must quickly learn to harness their superpowers and rush to help their Grandmother save their family.  

They know that they are not the typical African American family, but that doesn’t stop them from being kids, and as Mahalia and Malcolm set off on a brave and daring adventure to rescue their family, they struggle with the normal fears and anxieties that all kids experience. During their journey, they discover the enormous range of their superpowers, incredible secrets about their family, like Douglass: the family’s robot, and RedTail1: the family’s aircraft, and the courage that it take to keep a superhero family together. Filled with excitement and riveting escapades, The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm the Robinsons is the perfect book to show young readers that superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages!

The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm is the sort of superhero story that younger fans of the genre will be grateful for.  But no matter the reader’s age, they will be hungry for more, as a middle-grade reader, or an adult eager to share the magic with their child.  The action within the story isn’t sewn together for thrills, although you certainly get them here regardless.  Instead, it’s built on heart, courage, and wide-eyed wonder.  Fans of this tale, of which there are bound to be many, can rejoice in the knowledge that there are more to come for the kid heroes of the story and their family.  Check out The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm: The Robinsons on Amazon today!

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