Science Fiction Promo – Living Behind Infinity: Prologue

And in the nick of time, we’ve got one last Otherworld visit in to close out 2020.  If you’re looking for a bite-sized story that you’ll be able to tear through while you’re waiting for the ball to drop on New Year’s Eve, this one will definitely fit the bill.  Let’s take a look at Living Behind Infinity.

Naomi Goldsberry delivers a mysterious and catching story that will take you by the arm and rip you through it at a lovely pace in Living Behind Infinity: Prologue.  A story that promises it is only scratching the surface, this one carries on with an almost mesmerizing cadence as it brings its readers through a portal to another world.  All the while, Goldsberry’s writing shines through, coloring the world in intrigue and humor.  And with every turn of the page, it engrosses those looking on more and more.

Kathrine Maud is a happy young lady whose life is disrupted by the death of both her parents. A seemingly simple walkthrough of her parent’s empty house leads to a secret that will unearth her reality and take her on a journey to what lives on the other side of our world.

If you’re looking for a brisk, entertaining read, Goldsberry’s twisted science fiction could be up your alley.  It works well enough as its own standalone story, but it leads into a world all its own, with new mysteries to unravel.  If the next story is anything like the weird and wonderful prologue, readers are sure to be in for a treat.  Check out Living Beyond Infinity: Prologue on Amazon today!

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