Science Fiction Promo – INTERFACES: A psy-fi thriller about the future of the mind

Hello there Otherworld travelers.  It’s a new week—our last before Christmas week, in fact—and we’re starting off with something a little different and it will no doubt get your mind going.  It’s not often that we look at psychological thrillers here on Tellest, but when it blends interesting with science-fiction, it’s too hard to pass up.  Read on to learn more about INTERFACES.

INTERFACES: A psy-fi thriller about the future of the mind, is the debut work of tech-savvy writer P. Anilak.  The book is described as a thriller, and there are certainly revelations that will stimulate your brain to think about them.  At its core, however, INTERFACES tackles deeper philosophical issues, such as what our future has in store for us, and what kind of things we will build, for better or worse.  Still, Anilak broaches these subjects with finesse, never allowing the matter to feel preachy or overly academic.

In the not-too-distant future, humans allow their minds to be synaptically connected to omnipresent quantum computers through converters that encode signals to match neural communications. While working on human-machine interaction, Professor Kin Poto suspects that quantum computer viruses can be transferred to humans. An audacious experiment finds the professor astonished and bewildered about the profound, unchartered behavior of the human mind. Circumstances of this new-found reality represent an entirely new environment for human consciousness and provoke it to operate differently, unfolding further evolutionary potential.

Connect your computer to your mind to browse the files within. Navigate your consciousness through the entire Infosphere without lifting a finger or leaving your chair. Dreams of future visionaries successfully link minds to the risks of synthesizing technology and consciousness, creating a thrilling work of fiction that carries us to a dystopic world of academic intrigue, a repressive system with revolutionized social media, and new-found access to wealth. If you are looking for an engaging, psychological, science-fiction novel which reaches into the uncharted depths to explore the expansive regions of the human mind, look no further than Interfaces, now available on!

This is a book unlike most—if any—that readers have experienced before, and it’s bound to have a profound effect. While Professor Poto makes for an interesting enough character to bring the information to the reader, it is Anilak’s deep dives into the premise of what is possible in our future that steals the show.  Between the author’s imagination and their assumptions of where we could see ourselves advancing in technology, there are a plethora of doors that open up in a reader’s mind that they likely didn’t think of before.  Anilak will likely have many more exciting stories to tell, but it all starts here.  Check out INTERFACES: A psy-fi thriller about the future of the mind on Amazon today!

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