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Howdy folks.  We’re off to a new Otherworld today, though it’s not all that different than the one we know.  Prepare to step into the future, and look at what an even worse plague could do to humanity—especially one that’s apathetic to the suffering of others.  Read on to learn more about Burning Mold.

Author Jefferson Nunn writes about present events with a scientific twist that will make your hairs stand on end.  In Burning Mold: A Science Fiction Thriller, we’re shown just how much we take our comfortable life for granted—even including the recent pandemic we’ve suffered through.  If we think the horrors we’re living through now are difficult, Nunn is poised to show us how much worse things can get.  While Burning Mold looks at the world we live in with an allegorical lens, it’s still enjoyable on its own, and the author crafts a thrilling narrative around it that urges readers to turn page after page to see how the next terrible tragedy will unfold.

When mold takes over life, what does it mean for mankind?

There has been an outbreak. A strange disease. Is this another pandemic? Few are willing to consider the possibility, fewer still willing to investigate. Humans are too busy to protect their lives. The number of those falling ill is increasing, but is it really an illness, or something else? A being unknown is growing in the dark, becoming ever more powerful. Is it something of man’s design, or is it God’s wrath? Is this the end?

In this thriller set in the near future, humanity faces a new threat. A sentient being, taking over the way of life. While its nature and origin is yet unknown, it has the potential to end the world as we know it. One of ours has taken its side, fallen to its promises of grandeur.

Join this suspense and action filled journey of our unlikely band of heroes as they try to identify and then eradicate this monstrous being to save mankind.

Jean, an FBI agent, studies the facts and tries to determine just who is behind the deadly attacks. Chad, a computer scientist, could either be part of the solution or part of the problem. Aries, a military specialist, does not believe that these things are true and wants to approach the problem in a different way. Cheryl, a biologist, is not on scene but may have useful insight to provide if anyone would listen.

Four people out of billions. Can they come together and make a difference before it is too late?

With a series of events that hits so close to home, Burning Mold is like a frightening disaster that you can’t look away from.  While you’ve got the big disaster movie artists like Emmerich going around blowing up famous world landmarks, Nunn is just as effective with smaller, subtler brushstrokes—not to take away from the bigger moments that transpire in his thriller.  The creeping mold that threatens humanity is enough to have anyone eager for more, and there is where Nunn will hook his readers, as there are two more books in the series.  As always though, the best place to begin is at the start.  Check out Burning Mold: Science Fiction Thriller on Amazon today!

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