Sci-Fi Promo – Yob’s Odyssey: A Journey of Searching the Powers of Nature (Yob’s Worldz Trilogy)

Greetings, travelers, and thank you for joining us for a new trip to the Otherworld.  Today we’re taking an interesting side journey into a tale that is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  If the idea of joining a person on a special adventure to the heart of a great change for the betterment of the planet seems like it would be up your alley, you may want to read a sample of Yob’s Odyssey: A Journey of Searching the Powers of Nature.

Author Thor Wier has a special affinity for our world, and he infuses that particular, peculiar care into his latest story, Yob’s Odyssey: A Journey of Searching the Powers of Nature.  Spend just a few minutes between the covers of this book, and you’ll certainly see that this story isn’t quite anything you’ve read before.  It blends the premise of some of your favorite tales.  It’s a boy raised by animals in nature, with special gifts, who learns that he might have the knowledge and the good fortune of being able to usher in a new age of prosperity for Earth, forgoing the kind of energy that we currently use in order to use what which will allow our world to thrive.

What would the world be without fossil fuel?

This is a story about a boy brought up in the forest by animals, who finds a new energy from nature. He learns how to talk to the animals, and they teach him the fundamental ways of nature. His real parents send him there to keep “The Men in Black” from finding him, thus keeping him safe. In a parallel world of the most beautiful, amazing forest, the animals protect and show him how to go with the grain of nature.

Having drifted miles down a river, he finds a cabin that miraculously enough has plans of his father’s invention. His DNA correlates with his father’s intention, and he begins researching his goal.

A dog, wolf, and bear become his new parents, as Pa, Ma, and Grandpa. The boy begins new research of a hidden energy in nature.

He discovers energy that can replace fossil fuel. His discovery enhances his furthest expectations. As he works on the most amazing discovery, the animals in return teach the boy how to ferret out the principles with nature.

As years pass he continues on, making a better prototype. His animal family, now many more animals of the forest, converse with him. They tell him of his world in which he had come from. It left him befuddled, in a state of great wonder. His new family feels he is the one, to help all, and bring forth change.

He shows this new energy to world leaders, and by doing so he meets the love of his life, his better half, his soul mate, and finds true love.

Meanwhile, Yob prepares for finding the energy from nature by going into a realm no one have ever gone before.. As he finds this new energy, it takes Yob on an odyssey deep into the universe to show ways to bring bring forth ways of improving our world.

Thor Wier dearly cares about the way we treat our planet, and that extends to the way we treat its creatures.  There is a through line of finding harmony and balance throughout Yob’s Odyssey.  While the book certainly has its science fiction elements, it is grounded in the reality that we must find new ways to cherish and preserve this world, or it will move on without us.  If you have a great respect for the Earth, its resources, and its creatures, this book could be up your alley.  Check out Yob’s Odyssey: A Journey of Searching the Powers of Nature (Yob’s Worldz Trilogy) on Amazon today!

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