Sci-Fi Promo – The Neophyte’s Tale: A Dystopian Novel (Tales from the Great Island Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to yet another great day of content.  We looked at a science fiction promo earlier this week that focused on the future in ways we might not expect, and today we’ve got one that does a similarly awesome job of showing a glimpse at a would-be future.  Read on to learn more about The Neophyte’s Tale.

Author A.R. Alexander takes the idea of a future where things have gone terribly wrong, and turns it on its head, delivering interesting concepts and a new world full of lore to be explored and developed.  In The Neophyte’s Tale: A Dystopian Novel (Tales from the Great Island Book 1), the author does some very interesting things that tie into old Greek mythology in surprising and entertaining ways, blending history and our future deftly.  She also creates endearing characters, a structure for the strange new world, and a premise that will keep you captivated to the last page.

The mighty eruption changed everything….

Earth’s survivors now live in safety and harmony on the Great Island–or so they think. Ruled by the powerful women of the Disciple Council, the Great Island’s colonies mirror the beauty and inspiration of the Seven Wonders of the World. But the feminine, tyrannical leadership of the island is too suffocating to bear. And now, sixteen-year-old Raindalynn Noic is dreading her testing for her “chosen” career. All females must be tested for the memory gene. Carrying the memory gene will doom Raindalynn to a life of alienation and solitude. After all, she is just now exploring her feelings for her childhood friend. But the test reveals what Raindalynn feared all along: she has the dreaded gene.

As the new Neophyte, is Raindalynn different from any Memory Keeper before her?

When her abilities exceed their greatest expectations, Raindalynn must rise to the challenge of saving her people from a dictator who threatens to destroy them all. With a plan to overthrow the Disciple Council, Raindalynn is their only chance at freedom. The secrets she now possesses might be the weapon needed for the Insurrection to succeed. Will the Neophyte’s Tale be the last story she’s ever permitted to tell?

From the very first pages of this story, readers will see that there is great potential here, and a set of rules that are being put in place to explore and delve into.  The author does an excellent job of setting things in motion that will keep you thumbing through pages quicker and quicker.  Fans of young adult dystopian novels, especially those looking at interesting political upheavals, will thoroughly enjoy Alexander’s book.  And with more to come from this version of our world, there’s never been a better time to pick it up.  Check out The Neophyte’s Tale: A Dystopian Novel (Tales from the Great Island Book 1) on Amazon today!

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