Sci-Fi Promo – The Hypersleep Chronicles: An Interstellar Adventure

Greetings travelers.  I hope you’re ready for a journey across the stars today, because that’s what we have in store for you.  When it comes to interstellar travel, there are a multitude of ways that we can explore the concept.  Read on to learn about The Hypersleep Chronicles, and find one that is bound to excite and entertain you.

Author Andrew Kraft brings his love of space exploration and his talents in talespinning together in his debut, The Hypersleep Chronicles: An Interstellar Adventure.  It is perhaps just a step below hard sci-fi, as the author makes it incredibly accessible for readers, not burdening them with too many specifics about how the technology works, but ensuring that the story stands strong.  Certainly everything feels robust and fascinating, and that is because while the reader is not on the hook for knowing how everything coalesces, Kraft certainly does, going so far as understanding everything that’s occurred for the three-and-a-half centuries before the reader turns the first page.  And as much as he enjoys all things beyond our orbit, he uses his characters to give us eyes and emotions on the journeys they take.

The year is 2302. Isaac Jackson is a former CEO of a successful company and has gotten to the point in his life where Earth has nothing left to offer him. He was fed up with the complacency of society that has prevented humanity from truly establishing its footprint outside of Earth. Isaac decides it is time to use the services provided by another private company, Tarax Corporation, to find a new exoplanet to move to in a different star system.

A meticulously selected crew, along with a colony of passengers who will stay frozen for the entire trip, will assist Isaac in an epic journey across space and time, until they arrive at their new paradise. They will leave everyone they’ve known and loved on Earth behind, who will be dead before they even arrive at their first stop, to explore opportunities elsewhere in the galaxy. Unbeknownst to the crew, Tarax Corporation and Isaac have a dark secret to ensure the success of the mission.

The crew would only have one chance at landing on a planet and setting up their base since they wouldn’t have the ability to relaunch into space to find another home. There was no room for error once they decided where to land their spacecraft. Isaac and his crew knew that there would be a small chance of survival, but experiencing these odds is a completely different thing.

Part of the incredible journey is the wonder of experiencing something that we once thought of as novel, but in a more grounded way.  Kraft explores cryogenics and space travel in interesting ways and builds a remarkable story around it, finding a balance that is every bit as entertaining as it is enlightening.  It’s possible that this story could spin off into a sequel or even a series, so there’s no better time than now to explore the cosmos.  Check out The Hypersleep Chronicles: An Interstellar Adventure on Amazon today!

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