Sci-Fi Promo – The Anomaly Book 1 – Genesis

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another visit into the Otherworld.  We’re remaining on Earth today, but we’re looking again to the stars, and the heavens, catching an interesting view of how it all coalesces.  If you’re looking for a curious crossroads between our past, our future, technology, and the divine, you should read on to learn more about The Anomaly Book 1 – Genesis.

They say you should write what you know, and with that in mind, there was probably no one better suited to write The Anomaly Book 1 – Genesis than Lionel Nathan.  Studying philosophy and theology, and having a healthy respect for technology and astrophysics, he brings an important set of skills to bear for his debut.  But being able to cite history, wax poetic about the future, and understand the basics of science and science-fiction will only get one so far.  Luckily, Nathan excels at building intrigue and crafting fun characters, and he plays with the echoes of our own experiences, delivering a story that is expressive and interesting, and can easily captivate readers.

Dive into a world where God, AI, Aliens, and Armageddon collide in an electrifying symphony! Beneath the digital expanse, an insidious observer emerges, manipulating reality itself. President turned puppet, cosmic anomalies entangling seekers of truth, and a formidable extraterrestrial presence converge. Lionel Nathan’s “Anomaly Genesis” weaves past, present, and future, challenging belief and destiny. Ancient scriptures clash with technological might. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance—will we rise or fade into cosmic insignificance? Prepare for impact with “Anomaly Genesis” and its explosive sequel, “The Reckoning.”

With snappy chapters and an ensemble cast of characters to learn from and explore with, readers will find that this story is one that moves quickly.  It does not dawdle, instead throwing everything on the pages.  It’s all meat and no gristle, ensuring that each page is used effectively and without nonsense filler.  Indeed, The Anomaly Book 1 – Genesis is a brisk novel, but one that remains exciting throughout, and promises an interesting follow-up that fans ought to be clamoring for.  Therefore, there’s no better time than now to dive into Nathan’s debut.  Check out The Anomaly Book 1 – Genesis on Amazon today!

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