Sci-Fi Promo – Last Life: Level Two

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our first sci-fi stop of the week.  We’re actually going to be spending time with a storyteller we’ve spent time with in the past, as Zack Lester has brought new life to his “trapped-in-a-game” cyberpunk action story.  It’s time to plug in once more, and learn about Last Life: Level Two.

PrincessDie is back in the game, and things have grown more dangerous than ever in Last Life: Level Two.  Author Zack Lester already had a winning combination of captivating characters, witty dialog, and thought-provoking storylines that exploded across the page.  There wasn’t really anywhere to have to put any extra polish, but this sequel certainly puts a shine toward everything.  With the cast of characters only requiring a brief reintroduction, Level Two hits the ground running, settings the stakes and showing the reader what failure could look like, and who is at odds with Diana and the rest of the gamers.  Lester’s sophomore title is a tad longer than the first, but it’s a tight fit regardless, with no extraneous scenes feeling like they’re memory-leaking out of the game, or out of the book.

Just when you thought the game was over…

With the web of lies quickly unraveling Diana and the rest of her crew are thrust back into the game with only their wits and determination to protect them. As they race to uncover a way out and take down those responsible for placing them in this dangerous cat and mouse game, our group of players realize that things are not always what they seem, and sometimes help can come from the most unexpected sources.

Level Two does manage to level up in some big ways.  Subterfuge and dark dealings in the shadows of the digital world will astound fans of the first book, ensuring that every page still feels like one turn away from utter chaos.  Even with as many twists and turns as one might expect in this sequel, given the way that the feature debut kept readers on their toes, one big trick was certainly not played toward the end of this tale.  Come what may, a third level looks to be in the mix.  That means there’s no better time than now to get in the game.  Check out Last Life: Level Two on Amazon today!

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