Sci-Fi Promo – Knights of the Earth I: The unspoken crusade

Greetings travelers, and welcome to the Otherworld.  Today, we’re taking a look at an interesting sci-fi premise that is sure to win over many fans.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see the universe progress backward while we pursue worlds beyond our stars, this is the kind of story you’ll love to dive into.  Read on to learn more about Knights of the Earth I: The unspoken crusade.

Author Martin Kreider is an incredibly passionate creator, which you can see in just the first few pages of his debut title, Knights of the Earth I: The unspoken crusade.  This book asks the question about what the future of mankind—and the universe—would look like if we overextended ourselves, and wiped out the resources that we needed to live as we currently do.  It takes a turn toward our early days, while also bringing us forward, marrying elements of medieval feudalism, the old west, and pulp sci-fi in ways that really pop.  Then, it adds an entirely new race that mankind finds beyond our star, and presents them as much more than just one-note.  Throughout Kreider’s story, readers will be drawn to each of the characters, wondering about what twists and turns are in store, every step of the way.

It is the year 2203, and human super soldiers called Knights stand guard over the known galaxy together with the Arizan Guardians of the planet Zekron, until an organized and nearly invisible terrorist group disturbs the peace between the two species.

After much deliberation, the UNEDF dispatches a duo of Guardians to track down the terrorist group responsible for targeted assassinations and destructive attacks on essential structures.

Now down two men, a situation briefing informs German Knight Theodor von Teutoburger of traitors among his own ranks. Together with his squad consisting of three Knights of different nationalities and allied Guardians, he searches for the moles before an interplanetary conflict can break out…

Dive into the world of Knights of the Earth, a retrofuturistic science fiction novel set in an alternative world! Where Diesel is common and electricity is a luxury.

Kreider’s book could have easily felt like Star Wars or Starship Troopers—and it certainly feels like there might be references to those—but it is firmly its own creation.  Kreider has put tremendous thought into his universe-building, including the history (and alternate history) of many worlds, the Arizan people, and perhaps most notably, what it means to be one of the eponymous knights.  There are a litany of reasons that you should check this story out, but the most pressing is that you’re likely to have a lot of fun with it.  If his passion for this series has anything to say for it, Kreider is likely to have a sequel out before you know it.  Check out Knights of the Earth I: The unspoken crusade on Amazon today!

Also, be sure to check out Kreider’s website for Knights of the Earth.  You can tell it is a big part of his passion, and helps to bring more focus to this creation!

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