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Greetings Otherworld travelers!  It feels very much like we’re taking a trip from fantasy to science fiction this week, with our latest story nudging the gear all the way to space and beyond.  That is certainly one of the things that I very much like about the diversity that we have here at Tellest when we’re talking about the very talented storytellers we have the opportunities to show off.  There’s something for everyone.  And today’s story, Dark Matter: Terion, might be just the story for you.

Dark Matter: Terion, the first book in an epic spacefaring trilogy, shows author Alex A. Janek’s commitment to his written universe, and indeed it is a great introduction to his work.  Janek has a deep respect for immersive description, and he wants to invite readers to his world.  He remains true to the genre, and indeed, there is some expectation that readers will enjoy the science side of science fiction.  While many books of this genre have a tendency to be a bit hard to follow as they inundate with hi-tech talk and confusing jargon, the heart of Dark Matter is in its characters, who have a great deal of emotional bandwidth that they share with those witnessing their adventures.  Of course, on the flip side, there are those worthy of caution and distaste.

Incredible accidents shake the peaceful, space-faring society of Terion, one of them almost destroying Karuq’s freighter, but how is his cargo involved? Karuq struggles to re-evaluate his life in the face of tragedy, and when his pack is endangered, will he follow his heart or his brain?

Meanwhile, Reece, an investigator in a human research facility, is about to stumble upon a secret that will change his view of humanity and the universe forever.

An ancient rivalry, alien planets, and new friends all shape this galaxy-spanning action adventure.

Interesting without feeling too academic, clever without feeling like you need a degree to enjoy it, Dark Matter: Terion is a sci-fi epic that fans of the genre and those just trying it out for the first time will love.  It has endearing qualities that aren’t easily replicated, showing just how much care the author put into it.  Janek’s second book in the series has already been released, and it’s just as substantial as Terion.  The third in the series is planned for release soon, though the author is taking care to ensure that it is a proper swan song for the Dark Matter books.  With all that in mind, there’s never been a better time to take the deep dive into this universe.  Check out Dark Matter: Terion on Amazon today!

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