Sci-Fi Promo – Cavin-Unit

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another visit to the Otherworld.  While we set foot on a robust fantasy world earlier in the week, we’re spending today traveling the stars.  A space opera-esque sci-fi, today’s adventure is one you’re not going to want to miss.  Read on to learn more about Cavin-Unit.

Author Neema Wala invites readers to join her in an adventure across the stars in her sci-fi debut, Cavin-Unit.  The title relates to an incredible piece of technology that launches the story forward into parts unknown, and into an adventure like you won’t expect.  Bolstered with a strong feminine presence, Wala’s story celebrates the magic of scientific discovery and the excitement of expressed ingenuity.  It’s heartfelt in all the right ways, and ensures that readers will want to follow along its wonderful cast until the turn of the last page.

Casseia Meltzer, an alien scientist going through a mid-life crisis, appoints human teenager Nisha Vinay as her apprentice when she stumbles into her ship one day through the Cavin-Unit, a laptop that allows one to teleport to Space. Working together to pitch a product, they get swindled and start to test each others’ trust unable to go on with their lives the way they used to.

If you’re looking for a book filled with strong female characters, talking chinchillas, action, and romance, don’t hesitate to pick up Cavin-Unit.

Rich with detail, robust with story, Wala’s debut story is a passageway to other worlds, seen through the eyes of someone who feels familiar to the reader, as well as someone who feels strange and unpredictable.  This blend of kooky and immersive mixes so well with one another, and the twin vantage points set a lovely cadence, ensuring there’s never a lull.  The author also ensures that the enough time is spent on each situation before moving on, giving the tale the structure it deserves in order to thrive.  The stars won’t wait. Check out Cavin-Unit by Neema Wala on Amazon today!

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