Sci-Fi Anthology Promo – Background Noise: and Other Stories

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to the Otherworld.  Technically, today we’re looking at many other worlds, but I digress.  If you’ve been looking for a new favorite sci-fi author who specializes in snappy stories, you may have just stumbled upon one.  Learn more about Bryon Mayfield in today’s promo for Background Noise: and Other Stories.

Far more than just pulp sci-fi, Bryon Mayfield’s Background Noise: and Other Stories is a love letter to brief fiction in a science fiction setting.  The set of five stories within this anthology all have their strengths, but each of them collectively show the tremendous talents that the author wields.  An expert with his prose, Mayfield delivers each tale with wordplay that will leave readers feeling immersed and enthusiastic.  One story after another prove that the author can write gripping, interesting stories, abundant with interesting characters and background details that are deep and rich—a challenge with shorter tales which Mayfield rises to with seeming ease.

From the author of Black Hole Solitude comes another thrilling collection of short stories. Journey to an asteroid field owned by the Savas Imperium, to a commercial space station orbiting Caled IV, and to the surface of the planet Verdana. You’ll experience the lives of the people inhabiting these places and endure the struggles they face right along with them. So, what are you waiting for? Action, adventure, and interstellar intrigue await!

Though this is Mayfield’s sophomore anthology, you would be hard-pressed to believe he wasn’t working on his tenth, or one-hundredth release.  Mayfield has the dedication and the passion flowing through him that ensures that each of his tales are masterpieces in their own right.  They also clock in at just the right length, ensuring that nothing feels too drawn out, or cuts out quicker than readers would like.  Still, after the final page, fans will likely be hungry for more.  Hopefully Mayfield keeps things up, and sci-fi enthusiasts are blessed with a third set from the talented author.  Check out Background Noise: and Other Stories on Amazon today!

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