Promotional Post Policy

Clerks 3 promotional image (Jeff Anderson as Randall, Brian O'Halloran ad Dante, Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, and Jason Mewes as Jay)

That’s Entertainment occasionally makes promotional posts for books, comics, music, podcasts, films, games, and more. You can contact us for more information about getting a promotional post for your own project. That said, we do not promote the following types of products:

  • Erotica. It’s not that we’re against smooching—smooching is great. Heck, smooching can be in your book, game, or whatever (and it should be), but if it’s anything more intense, we’re not the site for that type of stuff.
  • Politics. Oof, what a topic. Listen—go vote. Vote in the primaries and vote in November. But we’re not interested in promoting anything that is about real-life politics—doesn’t matter what side you’re on. As long as your fictional politics doesn't promote hate, you should be good.
  • Religion. These hard-hitting topics, eh? Our position, much as it is with politics, is as long as whatever you believe doesn't come at the expense of another person or group of people, you do you. If you have a role-playing game about biblical stories, it should be good! But anything that is overly preachy isn't anything we're interested in promoting.

Along with these guidelines, your promotional product needs to also follow our Inclusivity Policy, found here:

That’s Entertainment reserves the right to remove promotional posts, without issuing a refund, for any products, or creators of said products, that later are revealed to break our inclusivity policy. Feel free to contact us if you feel an error was made.