LitRPG Promo – Father of Constructs: The Janitor Killed the World Boss

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to a wonderful new stop in the Otherworld!  Today, we’re going to be looking at a world beneath our own—one steeped in background detail and lore that will have LitRPG fans eagerly turning the page again and again as they learn about the world of Lorith, and the cataclysmic events that threaten it.  If that sounds interesting to you, read on to discover more about Father of Constructs: The Janitor Killed the World Boss.

Aaron Renfroe is no stranger to fantasy or to LitRPG.  That experience is used to great effect in his second LitRPG series starter, Father of Constructs: The Janitor Killed the World Boss.  Renfroe takes his talents and crafts a story with beautiful prose that feels as though it was meticulously chosen, and a story that is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming.  It’s a bit of Flowers for Algernon-meets-World of Warcraft, in the best of ways.  There is a tremendous amount of forethought that went into crafting this world, and it does not exist merely as a place for a player to exert their newfound power.  Rather, it feels as though this fantasy world existed well before any programmer put RPG elements within it.  It could have just as easily been a proper fantasy, but the LitRPG elements elevate it in some interesting ways.  Indeed, Renfroe strikes an interesting and powerful balance between all the fundamental parts of his story.

Lorith’s magic is fading. Centuries ago, heroic adventurers stopped the World Boss’ cycle of rebirth by reducing the creature to one hit point and sealing it away so no one would ever find it. But, by ending one calamity, they halted the natural flow of magic within the world and brought about the Havoc Plague.

With all civilization now on the brink of collapse, humanity’s only hope is to find and kill the World Boss in order to restart the monster’s rebirth cycle and bring back magic. When the Plagued janitor Harvey stumbles into a mysterious wreckage and accidentally kills the missing World Boss, he gains a million experience points, making him the target of almost all the would-be adventurers of the world. Burdened with ancient knowledge, and hunted by countless rivals, he must join with unlikely allies to do the unthinkable: find the reincarnated World Boss and defeat it again, before it can ravage the world anew.

Renfroe’s sophomore LitRPG series begins with a masterpiece that promises more from the world.  This first book in the set is an incredible look into a world rife with mythology, captivating characters, and a fresh take on what the genre is and where it can go.  The author is also a master at pacing the tale, ensuring that what is on the page is what is on the page is something that will entertain the reader, and not have them feeling bogged down with unnecessary exposition or skippable details.  It’s because of that pacing that fans will find themselves turning the final page before long.  But they need not fret for long, because Renfroe has the second book in the series ready to land later this year.  Check out Father of Constructs: The Janitor Killed the World Boss on Amazon today!

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