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Welcome readers.  Typically we pull our promos from Tellest, in their Otherworld section of book promotions, but occasionally we happen upon a book that fits outside of the Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror genres that are typically associated with that site.  Today, we’re looking at a touching and captivating literary fiction book with a lot of love and passion stitched into every page.  Read on to discover more about The Return.

The Return is a story about learning where you come from, and embracing the parts of your past—the parts you’ve experienced yourself, as well as the genealogical ones that have followed you through history—that make you who you are.  Author George Pascal Amemo delivers a heartfelt and expansive look at the reality of the world some of us find ourselves in, where certain citizens are forced to hold their tongues or express themselves with an expected level of savoir faire.  The tale cuts deeper than that, however, looking beyond those challenges, and into more narrow concepts of individuality, personal growth and cultural history.

Is the life you were born into a determinant of the life you will live? What does it take to raise yourself out of your circumstances? Can one unexpected event bring a family together?

Born to hardworking parents who endured their share of hardship and heartache, Jasmine finds herself navigating the blessings and obstacles on the road laid out for her. Armed with grit and a passion for justice, Jasmine’s life is a journey to leave it better than she found it while remaining true to herself and her modest upbringing.

Deshawn, born into similar but more challenging circumstances than Jasmine, has all but made peace with the fact that he is a product of his neighborhood, despite his quality private school education. After all, private school education doesn’t shelter one who lives in the projects. After getting involved with the wrong crowd and seeing where that road leads, he swallows his pride and sets out to trace his roots—a journey through his genealogy that takes him halfway across the world.

The Return takes readers on a cultural adventure as the characters ask hard questions examining the differences and similarities between cultures, discovering their origins, and embracing their heritage.

The Return is a deeply character-driven story, and it helps that Amemo brings such lively and nuanced characters to life.  If you’re looking for an interesting read that pulls back the curtain on the lives we lead, this book is a stellar one.  Ages pass in the blink of an eye, but you feel close to the characters, reveling in their glories and enduring their hardships alongside them.  It’s a beautiful story that you won’t want to miss.  Check out The Return, by George Pascal Amemo, on Amazon today!

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Image provided courtesy of George Pascal Amemo.
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