Historical Fantasy Promo – Traveling with a Deity-to-Be

Hi there folks!  We’re rounding out the week with a lighter story which will no doubt balance out with the darker world we’ve visited in the earlier Otherworld visits.  Somehow the weekends always look brighter anyway, so perhaps it’s just the right fit.  In any case, read on to find out more about Traveling with a Deity-to-Be.

Author D. D. Kalina delivers a pleasant and comical tale about a poor girl who is way outside of her element in Traveling with a Deity-to-Be.  The author isn’t afraid to be disarming at times, though more often than not, the story is painted with optimistic brushstrokes.  Speaking of which, while there aren’t many of them, several charming illustrations lend to the story as well.  Fans of anime will surely notice that there is a certain impression here of those kind of stories, and Kalina does a wonderful job of embodying it here.

Kaja, an orphan girl who comes of age, soon finds herself out on her own in a world bigger than she could have imagined! Quickly finding out life in the kingdom isn’t what she expected, she finds herself on an unexpected journey North with a mysterious, power-hungry young man who has an “interesting” aura surrounding him. With many miles ahead and limited supplies, these two loners must not only survive the journey but navigate their ever-changing relationship.

An entertaining yet intriguing story set in medieval times combining adventure, fantasy, love, and deities!

Traveling with a Deity-to-Be mixes budding character development with a touch of mystery, and does so with a style that can’t help but have its readers want to push forth, chapter after chapter.  You want to know everything there is to know about Kaja and her new companion.  And of course the story ends with a perfect tie-in to whatever story Kalina is ready to unleash next.  If you want to dive into a new world and have fun with some endearing characters with interesting secrets, look no further than here.  Check out Traveling with a Deity-to-Be on Amazon today!

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