Historical Fantasy Promo – The Beckoning Void

Howdy folks, and welcome to a short, quicker, faster week of Otherworldly goodness.  We’re starting off our explosive week with a wonderful historic fantasy from an author we’re going to be hearing from in an interview very soon.  Why not get ahead of it by learning a bit more about The Beckoning Void?

Patrick LeClerc is a wily and witty author who crafts superior stories in his urban and historical fantasies.  So it is in his latest, a Victorian-themed tale which mashes steampunk and Lovecraftian horror in all the right ways, The Beckoning Void.  LeClerc excels at a great many of the things that make a fantasy so enjoyable, but chief among his many talents are creating characters that readers love to follow.  In The Beckoning Void, the cast is catching, varied, and so much fun to watch interact with each other as well as the world around them.  LeClerc weaves a tapestry around them with witty banter, interesting sets of skills, and interpersonal relationships that keep readers roped in.

Emelia DuMond is an actress, her skill at adopting and changing her identity lifting her from her humble beginnings to success on the stage of Victorian London. And to the attention of the Ghost Society, a secret organization who work to defend the world from threats of the paranormal. After centuries of seeking, the sinister Disciples of the Void have obtained an arcane book of great power. A power that could tear the veil between dimensions and plunge the world into a dark, unspeakable future.

Now she has recruited an aging soldier of fortune burdened by a conscience, the sword wielding daughter of an Afghan brigand and an airship whose captain escaped slavery during the Civil War by stealing a Confederate vessel.

Can Emelia and her band of plucky outcasts save the world from a cult of fanatics intent on unleashing an ancient horror?

“The Beckoning Void” is a tale of cunning plots, flashing swords, skillful piloting, witty repartee and eldritch dread.

The Beckoning Void has a lovely cinematic sheen to it, and it’s easy to see it playing out in your mind while you’re reading along.  The author has a command over his words that show that he’s as clever with his set pieces and props as he is with his characters, and it leaves the book feeling rich and multidimensional.  While LeClerc’s Victorian era Historical Fantasy ends well enough on its own, it also leaves enough in the air, so to speak, for more to come.  Before a second entry is officially announced, why not dive in and meet your new favorite heroes, and go on an adventure you won’t soon forget?  Check out The Beckoning Void on Amazon today!

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