Historical Fantasy Promo – Child of Water: The Rousing (Female Protagonists Anime Stories)

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our first stop in the Otherworld of the week.  Today, we’re taking a trip into an anime-inspired version of our history, as we journey to an era of samurai.  It’s bound to be an interesting tale, so read on to learn more about Child of Water: The Rousing.

At this point in her journey, Olivia Thompson deserves all the accolades that people heap upon her.  Her Female Protagonists Anime Stories series, including Child of Water: The Rousing, which we’re focusing on today, show a huge amount of respect for the genre and for the reader.  Thompson effortlessly balances the components of her book, from the vivid descriptions of the world she’s built, to the stellar action sequences.  While there are certainly fantasy elements here, there are also plenty of places that make the story feel grounded in reality, immersing one into the narrative and the events that unfold.  Child of Water also features dynamic characters that grow as the story progresses, leaving readers with a captivating journey that they’ll be happy to be on.

In an age of peace, Arisu decides to bring chaos and destruction all for the sake of her revenge. At least, that’s what she thought until she met him.

The era of fighting is coming to a close.

There’s still a remnant of samurai who lives with warrior pride and conviction.

No one can afford to war in this region.

But there are those who still have reasons to fight.

Suitable for those 16 and older.

Along the way in The Rousing, beautiful pictures accompany the lovely prose, further immersing those enjoying the adventure.  Thompson essentially does everything that she can to engross and engage her audience, and she does it with what seems like supreme ease, though it also shows that she put plenty of work into this craft.  There are a growing number of books in this series, and while they all flow in some interesting ways and connect with one another, they can be read on their own and still captivate and bring joy to readers.  This is a great one to dive into.  Check out Child of Water: The Rousing (Female Protagonists Anime Stories) on Amazon today!

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