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Greetings fantasy fans!  We’re going to have a quieter time this week, but it won’t be any less fun, as I have a

Author Ron Foster has a tremendous author backlog that you would not believe.  His latest, Water Wizard, the first book in his Sea of Change series, is the first fantasy he’s written in a while, but you’d be hard-pressed to realize it, as it is lovingly crafted and shared.  With characters that are a joy to spend time with, and a series of events that will keep readers guessing, this is a wildly entertaining book for young adults.  Foster also includes pictures in his tale, which help to set the tone and spark the imagination.

A wonderful book for all ages that is like magical adventures sailing the high seas with witches and wizards and mythical creatures as shipmates!

A dramatic dystopian fantasy about a living ship who escapes a locked down quarantined port during the black plague to make her way to a great ship graveyard far north where she will transition to a different spiritual plane.

The problem is, the whole world wants her dying timbers and it seems they will stop at nothing to get them, dead or alive! Governments and bankers want her rare wood to increase their wealth and power. Alchemists, dark sorcerers and necromancers want her very soul to make zombie boats out of her decaying hull.

A powerful water wizard stands in their way and has allied himself with the ship and a secret society that is trying to create their own alternate economy as well as put an end to the injustices of the current regime.

Two young boys get caught up in this sword and sorcery game of thrones.  One becomes a cabin boy and the other a navigator’s apprentice in order to help crew the enchanted wooden ship called Helix.

This evolving magical mystery is about how a diverse variety of memorable—and oftentimes humorous—characters came together to take on the world, as well as dark wizards and a murderous pirates guild is the basis for the first book in the series.

Water Wizard balances a great deal within its pages: humor, magic, academics, talking rodents.  It’s the perfect escape if you’re in need of one.  Foster has a very interesting and captivating tale here, and it will no doubt be a quick read for anyone who is in the mood for lighthearted fantasy.  If you’re looking for a whimsical fantasy that won’t let you down, you need look no further.  Check out Water Wizard on Amazon today!

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