Fantasy Promo – The Warlock (The Wanderers Cycle)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to a very busy week, where we’ll be spending time with very talented authors on our quest to find wonderful new stories.  One such story is a small introductory tale that brings a focus on a greater series that is on its way later this year.  If that sounds interesting to you, peer into the aether, and learn more about The Warlock (The Wanderers Cycle).

C.V. Vobh is well on his way to crafting a fantasy world fit for the most passionate of readers.  His debut, The Warlock, is a snack-sized entry in The Wanderers Cycle, which introduces people to his craft and the fantasy realm he builds.  There is a careful balance that one must strike with a shorter tale, and it is one that the author accomplishes with ease.  Vobh has a poetic and interesting cadence to his prose, luring readers in with a typeface siren song.   This is seen in both descriptive passages and in dialog and inner monolog.  Every step of the journey leads to one more captivating detail, or to character development you want to see to its end.

The Heir of Malagroth one day; robbing merchants of mystery meats the next.

So begins the tale of Shadin, an exile whose family was murdered by usurpers of the throne. He has fallen farther than he thought possible—and then a bit more too. But he has his life, which is more than can be said of anyone else he’s ever cared about. And he has some power too—more, some would say, than any man has a right to. Now, driven by a life-defining need for vengeance, he is as dark and inexorable as the night.

But first, he has to eat.

Feeling like an effortless blend of action and adventure, of mysterious happenstance, and deft humor, this bite-sized tale will certainly resonate with fans of fantasy.  This establishing shot of the world being built, together with an intriguing character that you want to journey with, will nonetheless keep readers hungry for more.  With Vobh’s series getting its feet under it rather soon, there’s never been a better time to dive in, and experience his craft firsthand. Check out The Warlock (The Wanderers Cycle) on Amazon today!  The short story will be out on June 14th, with the longer first novel in the series dropping in July.

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