Fantasy Promo – The Length of Years (The Inquisitor’s Account Book 1)

Greetings, travelers!  Welcome to another day in the Otherworld.  We’re taking a step into another fantasy realm today, filled with mystery and majesty.  It is a fully fledged read following the life of a quite interesting character.  If that sounds like the sort of thing that you would be interested in, read on to learn more about The Length of Years (The Inquisitor’s Account Book 1).

Author Xan Kaplan has a wealth of knowledge to lean on in order to develop a fantasy debut with tremendous substance.  In The Length of Years (The Inquisitor’s Account Book 1), they juggle character perception, development, and the secrets that they keep.  The author explores the concepts of being unwise to believe in stereotypes or what you see on the base level.  As a story that follows inquisitors and their investigations, The Length of Years requires a careful balance of subterfuge and revelations, and Kaplan rises to the occasion.  There’s a great deal of foundational worldbuilding as well, and the world feels as though its been alive for years instead of being a mere backdrop for the events that surround the characters.

Vallon Steere is a man with everything to lose. Falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he’s trapped in a prison cell with his once-promising future reduced to nothing more than a distant dream. But Vallon is not ready to give up just yet.

In a desperate bid to prove his innocence Vallon turns to the court clerk, hoping she’ll believe his story. And what a story it is. From his privileged childhood as the son of a rural duke to his time in the King’s Army, Vallon has led a life less straightforwardly noble than he’d like to admit. His quest for revenge and his search for a missing sister have taken him down a dark and dangerous path.

As Vallon lays bare his past, he’s forced to confront some uncomfortable truths. He may not have committed the crime he’s accused of, but his actions have consequences. And as war looms on the horizon, Vallon realizes that his past may be the key to securing his future.

A tautly written fantasy adventure full of unexpected twists and turns, Xan Kaplan’s ‘The Length of Years’ is a gripping tale of one man’s fight for justice. With its richly drawn characters and vividly realized setting, this is a story that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

The Length of Years is at its best when it explores the relationship between its interesting cast of characters.  Between battles of wits and the drawing of curtains to unveil catching mysteries, there is always something new to look forward.  With a story spanning many of the lead character’s years, it is sizable without feeling as though it lingers anywhere for too long.  Rather, it feels focused and engages readers in a way that will captivate them throughout its many pages.  Kaplan allows some revelations to leave loftier weight upon the back end of the book.  Whether this  Check out The Length of Years (The Inquisitor’s Account Book 1) on Amazon today!
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