Fantasy Promo – The Last Sane Awoken I: Freedom

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to the back half of the week!  Today we’re looking at a fantasy with some darker shades, and a focus on the psyche.  It’s an interesting take, and it breathes some fresh air into the tale.  Read on to learn more about The Last Sane Awoken.

Author Stephany Barcomb-Rodriguez unleashes her debut on the world with The Last Sane Awoken I: Freedom.  In this darker fantasy, readers are at once introduced to a great evil force, and understand the great risks of letting it run free across the land.  But as much as the author’s story focuses on the horror elements, it also focuses on the psychology of its characters.  There are deep emotions at play here in this fantasy, and they’re presented in raw, real richness.  It’s because of that, perhaps, that her characters feel so lifelike, and why the story has the power to immerse readers, despite the fantastic elements at play.

Mother, the queen of darkness, has relentlessly shrouded the world in shadow and chaos. Her plague destines all of the living to die, leaving a chosen few to do her bidding—her undead children, Awoken—by a forbidden spell and imbued with the very magic able to kill Mother.

Only an Awoken has the power to defeat her and free the living, but all the awoken have succumbed to the queen’s call and embraced insanity . . .except one. The last child needed to complete Mother’s family and destroy the living world. The last sane Awoken.

The race to find the last sane Awoken had begun.

The weight of the world rests on Master Necromancer Dmitry’s success in locating the fated awoken and preparing them to fight. With time running out, Dmitry would do anything to stop Mother, even if it meant entering Amaral manor and facing the tyrant dragon lord himself.

Together, Dmitry and his team make their way into the dragon’s lair before all they know and love perishes in the darkness.

The reader who picks up The Last Sane Awoken is likely to feel emotions themselves as well.  With great evil persisting across the world that Barcomb-Rodriguez developed, there’s a sense of dread and darkness that washes over the writing, and fans will no doubt feel they must persevere through to see what light exists on the other side.  The author finds a nice balance there, giving her readers and her characters hope to go on and fight for a better day.  While another book is in the works, you’ve still got some time to catch up with this first in the series.  Dive into a world that is deep and rich and full of secrets and revelations.  Check out The Last Sane Awoken I: Freedom on Amazon today!

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