Fantasy Promo – The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis

Howdy folks, and welcome to our third Otherworld stop of the week.  We’ve spent some time all over the maps of the unknown worlds, and that won’t soon be changing, especially with today’s release, which will see us looking at an expansive set of fantasy lands that feel like they could encompass many worlds all on their own.  Read on to learn more about Ataraxia.

New from author S S Merce, comes a fantasy tale that will entrance and delight readers.  The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis, takes its readers along on a journey into an expressive world that feels worthy of exploration.  Merce manages to make the adventure, entertaining enough in its own right, feel like the best sort of travel brochure to different worlds, with magical weather systems, grotesque creatures, and a renowned academy.  Aided deftly by the entertaining crew of the Caelesti Viatrix, the story moves along at a pleasant pace, and shows through their eyes the discovery of new cultures and legends.

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