Fantasy Promo – Rogue Amongst Royals (William of Alamore Series Book 4)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to another of our stops.  We’re actually returning to a world that we’ve frequented, and to C. J. R. Isely’s realm of Alamore.  Our scrying orbs show us another release in the William of Alamore series, not so far in the distance, and we’re here today to see if we can learn more about what is on time’s horizon.  Read on to learn more about Rogue Amongst Royals.

We have been following the work of C. J. R. Isely for some time, and it all began with her wildly entertaining Ranger of Kings, the first book in her William of Alamore series.  After several other books have released, including a spinoff and a prequel, excitement builds for each of her upcoming works.  The one that is worthy of anticipation now is Rogue Amongst Royals (William of Alamore Series Book 4), which has had its release date moved up from December of this year.  Any chance to dive into the world of Alamore is a welcome one, as Isely develops deep and rich characters who survive and grow in a sometimes bleak world.  Despite their youth, there is real gravitas to their stories, and that helps to immerse readers into the story.  In Rogue Amongst Royals, we’ll see more history and background from the characters we know and love, and we’ll also see some interesting tie-ins from earlier works.

The war of Rogues and Royals is only just beginning

After uncovering the secrets of who he is, Will only wants life to go back to what it was. But, his fourth year of training to be a knight takes a turn for the dangerous far too soon after his return to Alamore when mysterious riders arrive, not to capture him, but with a request: their leader wants to speak with him.

Now rogues cause chaos through Alamore a familiar noble has arrived to lodge their complaints, the protection of the Queen and Princess are paramount, and the Ranger of Kings has returned to take on a squire of his own.

But there are new questions, new secrets, and Will must find the answers that will keep Alamore from descending into civil war. Time is running out, though, as the Royal amongst Rogues rises with the fury of vengeance and intent to seize power once and for all.

Rogue Amongst Royals is the fourth installment in the William of Alamore series. Don’t miss the continuation of the adventure as Will, Rowan, and Colin are plunged into another year of training to become knights.

In Rogue Amongst Royals, we’re perhaps seeing a turning point for our characters, as it begins to pitch us toward the second half of the series.  The road gets harder and darker, and that means that there are risks that are set to be taken.  Those who have been reading the Alamore books are no doubt itching for more.  As hinted at earlier, Isley indicated that she aimed to get the book ready early, and that she did.  There’s never a better time to preorder the newest book in the Alamore universe.  Rogue Amongst Royals (William of Alamore Series Book 4) releases this weekend.  Don’t miss it!

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