Fantasy Promo – Prodigy of Flame: The Isdralan Chronicles

Greetings travelers, and welcome to the final day of our jam-packed week in the Otherworld.  We’ve saved something awesome for the weekend, it seems, with one of our frequent collaborators, Beth Connor, dropping a new book in our laps!  We’ve spent time in Isdralan before, but thus far we’ve only scratched the surface of her wonderful world.  Let’s learn more by diving into Prodigy of Flame: The Isdralan Chronicles.

We’ve spent time in Beth Connor’s world, but now we see it from an entirely different vantage point in Prodigy of Flame: The Isdralan Chronicles.  While her previous work, Micah and the Candles of Time led us into Isdralan and gave us a tour of the world from a human’s point of view, we’re diving deeper into the mysteries and mythology of this rich and storied land, exploring its grand tapestry, and the cultures of the people who live within it.  A greater focus is placed on understanding the magic of the realm as well, as the lead character in this chronicle belongs to Kaci, someone who is learning the ways of the flame and of precognition.  Indeed, the story opens on a prophecy of sorts, as Kaci sees herself in a vision of the future, setting the wheels of fate in motion right from the first few pages.  Connor toys with the struggle of control, especially over something so volatile as the arcane, and uses this as well to push the protagonist forward into her destiny.  It is easy to feel some sympathy for Kaci, and the author does a lovely job of creating other characters within the cast who also provide an emotional payoff for the reader.

In a world plunged into darkness, the untapped power of one woman emerges as a beacon of hope.

Kaci, an apprentice to the guardian of the sacred Arba Vitae, has always felt out of place. Feared for her volatile power – especially her unpredictable fire – she finds comfort only with the Arba Vitae and her animal companions. But during the solstice gathering, the torment and humiliation she faces ignite a disastrous fire, cementing her as her village’s pariah.

Following this calamity, Kaci embarks on a quest into the uncharted. “Prodigy of Flame” chronicles her journey through a realm where ancient prophecies intertwine with looming darkness. As portals spring up across Elyndris, she confronts a harrowing truth: these gateways usher in malevolent forces, corrupting the land and its denizens. To combat this, Kaci allies with three unexpected friends: Micah, a stranger burdened by his past; Belan, the sagacious kin of the Earthborn King; and Lady Durya, a dignified orc with human titles.

Their bond brings warmth to Kaci’s solitary life. Navigating treacherous landscapes, she uncovers latent abilities and a radiance she never knew she possessed. Yet as the encroaching shadows intensify, her mission evolves. It’s no longer just about survival but a test of courage, a quest to rediscover her roots, and an awakening of the flame within.

As the veil lifts away from the mysteries of Connor’s wonderful feature follow-up, readers will be treated to some of the most endearing relationships in fantasy.  Prodigy of Flame is at times both cozy and chaotic, and it is that calculated juxtaposition that makes the story a breezy read, even with its considerable content.  The author effortlessly balances a story with tremendous heft alongside deeper character moments that charm readers and have them rooting for them in more ways than one.  While the story begins with some ambiguity toward the notion of destiny, it draws closer to it for the residents of Isdralan nearer to its end.  And while its final pages leave readers with a satisfying conclusion, it also leaves the story open for additional time within Connor’s wonderful world.  Check out Prodigy of Flame: The Isdralan Chronicles on Amazon today!

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