Fantasy Promo – Nautiluca Book One: Fireflies (NA Edition)

Greetings travelers, and welcome to a spooooooky edition of our trips to the Otherworld.  Today we’re looking at a wonderful little project set in a world beset by magic, and perhaps damaged by its presence.  If you’ve been looking for a web novel that will hook you in and not let go, read on to learn more about Nautiluca Book One: Fireflies.

Spend just a moment on the Nautiluca site, and you’ll notice that special care has been taken to make it welcoming to its readership.  Nautiluca Book One: Fireflies is a web novel that takes deep, rich looks into its content, and introduces readers to captivating characters and gorgeous art.  It is apparent at once that great passion and dedication has been built into this world, from eloquent prose to interesting dialog between an interesting cast.

Fireflies is elevated by its characters.  From Olive’s innocence, to Amiela’s stoicism, and even all the chaos that Ranya brings to each chapter, there is plenty to root readers into the world, and to see how much the cast changes and grows over time, including their care for one another.  In a world in disarray because of mysteriously-induced climate change, Nautiluca tells a story of found family, and how important it is to reach out, and to keep hold of those we treasure.  Magic indeed has its hold on the world in other ways, with witches and demons weaving their way into Nautiluca’s overall tapestry in some manner, depending on your perception of it.  But perhaps those names are used unjustly, and the story is about learning more about what people are than just one’s first impression of them.

The pace and cadence of Fireflies is great as well.  There is a river-like pattern of ebbs and flows that takes readers on a spectacular journey, and it immerses readers at once.  Though the story certainly tackles some scarier moments, and elements of a world in disarray, there’s a certain coziness and warmth to it that will have readers eagerly wanting to learn more about what’s waiting for them in the next chapter.  Nautiluca has been growing as a web novel for a long while, and it’s only going to get better from here.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate!  Check out Nautiluca Book One: Fireflies today!

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