Fantasy Promo – Gods Among Us: This New World

Greetings, Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our newest promo of the week.  Today, we’re going to be looking at the future of Earth.  But be wary.  In this new world, two hundred years in the future, thinks have become bleak.  Read on to learn more about Gods Among Us: This New World.

Author Khalid Arzamendi has launched an interesting debut in Gods Among Us: This New World, a tale that changes our world in some tremendous, interesting ways.  While this is Earth, it has changed drastically, allowing Arzamendi to use some of the familiarity of our world while forging new mythology and lore.  The prose has an otherworldly feel at times, helping to engage readers in a world that is rebuilt in strange and wondrous ways.  There is a duality of light and darkness in this world, and that is present in the unfolding story as well, for while the lead character is indeed young, he and the others in his world face dark and dismal truths throughout their lives.

Half of the Earth is shrouded in Darkness. It’s 200 years in the future, and yet there have been no signs of advanced technology. Human civilization has evolved into something else, full of secrets and mystery. While war and hate continue to rage, men and women are recruited to bring hope, using new abilities, and exploring how an individual’s emotions can help make them a warrior. Observe this new world alongside the fire-wielding boy, Magnar and his companions, as he tries to understand this world and himself.

Magnar’s tale is as fun as often as it is foreboding, though he is lucky to have a cast of interesting friends who help him along.  It’s a brief read, but it is addicting throughout, and it doesn’t waste precious words or pages on things that are unworthy to the reader.  While the story has a strong sense of self, and could end on an enjoyable note on its own, it does have the electrifying promise of more in its final pages.  With that in mind, there’s never been a better time than now to dive into Arzamendi’s reimagined world.  Check out Gods Among Us: This New World on Amazon today!
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