Fantasy Promo – Fortress of Freedom (Eoslira Book 1)

And now for something a little bit different.  Welcome back travelers, as we take you on your second trip into the Otherworld today.  Whereas fantasy has a certain feel that we’re used to, it’s also somewhat interesting to have it twist and turn in directions that we were not expecting.  So it is this next adventure, to the Fortress of Freedom.

While we typically interpret fantasy with tones of medieval Europe, author Andrew Lawlor had something different in mind when it came to his debut, Fortress of Freedom, the first book in his Eoslira series.  In many ways, Lawlor’s novel feels more akin to the events of early American history rather than the visions of knights on horseback, or wizards conjuring spells in ancient castles.  Because of this, there’s a certain novelty to Fortress of Freedom, where things breathe a little more of a Native American air, alongside the growing threat of violent colonialism.  Lawlor turns a great deal of expectations on their head, and his tale is better for it.

Two brothers captured, taken to the new world, and sold into slavery…

Standing nearly eight feet tall, Olfin is a giant of the Ice Desert—a proud tribe of nomadic hunters. But the disappearance of the great mammoth herds forces Olfin and his brother, Uzul, to travel far to the west—to the shores of the Great Salt Lake—to find them. They come face to face with human poachers where they are captured, sold to the slaver lords of the new world, and forced to work the jitterstalk fields in brutal conditions.

Olfin has a gift for languages; but his desire to escape only grows alongside his knowledge of the human tongue. As their chance to flee the plantation arrives—an even bigger threat emerges–putting both of their lives on the line and sparking war on the colonial frontier. Olfin wants revenge against his cruel captor, Lord Thorpe—but he must choose his allies carefully or live with the consequences.

Though Lawlor’s first foray into fantasy can be a bit jarring as you first step foot into his world, it’s also endlessly enjoyable.  Readers will see new interpretations of tried-and-true fantasy tropes, and see how the new setting affects them.  Rather than just going on as normal, it seems that everything in the Eoslira series blends together into a new and exciting set of possibilities.  With Lawlor working on expanding the tapestry of his world, it won’t be long until a second book hits shelves.  If you act now, you can get acclimated to the world early.  Check out Fortress of Freedom (Eoslira Book 1) on Amazon today!

Also worthy of note: the book is free today, Monday the 15th of July!

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