Fantasy Promo – Everknight: A Heroic Journey of Uncompromising Honor

Greetings, travelers!  It’s been a great week for the Otherworld, from the Talking Tellest episode that focused on it this Monday (which you can watch on our YouTube channel later today), to the new anthology interview series we began yesterday.  Today, we keep the good times rolling with a spectacular traditional fantasy with some fresh twists that fans of the genre will absolutely love.  Read on to learn more about Everknight: A Heroic Journey of Uncompromising Honor.

Author Stefan Emunds has a long history of writing catching content, but he adds layers of style and substance with his feature fiction debut, Everknight: A Heroic Journey of Uncompromising Honor.  A twist on Arthurian legend with a focus on a knight’s virtuous path, this is the sort of book that will certainly appeal to those who love tales of medieval fiction, of the quest to do what is right, and the evils that can tempt or mislead those with a higher calling.  This tale explores the heroism of a character, and how that can be both their greatest trait and their ultimate downfall.  It’s a captivating tale that will have readers invested throughout.

If you lost your life in a bet, would you go to your execution of your own free will? Would you weather temptations of wealth, status, and romance on the way there? Would you be a knight?

Everknight recounts the heroic journey of a knight who seeks his execution of his own free so his people will remember him as a knight of uncompromising honor.

Will he meet his doom or will he find a way to survive the execution?

Read a story of temptation, karma, and honor that brings the legend of chivalry back to life as an epic adventure tale that will whisk you away to an era of honor and purpose.

Our protagonist serves as the most honorable knight at King Arthur’s Round Table. After an encounter with a mysterious shield maiden, his fate becomes intertwined with that of his own honorable death—a destiny he must fight for to the bitter end. Our purpose-driven knight strikes out across the land in search of the shield maiden and to meet his voluntary execution. Little does he know that he rides toward the dark night of his soul. His journey takes him all the way to the soul world. There, his strength, duty, and uncompromising honor will be tested as he fights through treacherous trials and carnal temptations. Trapped in a terminal karmic scenario, and honor-bound to seek out his own death, he leaps into the ethos of mythology as a hero of legend.

Emunds has taken special care to ensure that everything is presented with a pristine veneer.  There are nods to medieval prose, but it is accompanied by modern sensibilities, and flows at a delightful pace, ensuring that the audience is never forced to linger at one point for too long.  Everknight is the sort of story that you can dig into and find yourself finishing in a single sitting.   It is a quest like no other, and it will have you eager to see the fate of its lead character through to its conclusion.  There’s no better time to dive into this incredible Arthurian tale.  Check out Everknight: A Heroic Journey of Uncompromising Honor on Amazon today!

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