Fantasy Promo – Darkness Me, Colorful You, Volume 1

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our first book stop of the week.  Today we’re going to be looking at a story that has a great amount of emotional depth and effortlessly brings readers in with its charms, ensuring that they feel like they are part of the story.  Read on to learn more about Darkness Me, Colorful You.

In the midst of the pandemic, author J.X. Fu took a glance inside himself and found the magic to release his debut fantasy, a light novel that is a great escape for those who need it.  Fu’s story shines when it gives insights to its dynamic characters, the real heart of everything within Darkness Me, Colorful You.  Fu was able to bring them to life in interesting ways, which earnestly captivate the reader, ensuring they want to spend every moment they can with them before the last page is turned.  Emotionally charged, and painting strokes of colors across a spectrum of feelings, Fu captures both the struggles and the joys of what makes a person truly human, and shows the importance of reaching out with an empathetic hand.

If you were told that you’re the reincarnation of a mythical beast who almost destroyed the world 500 years ago, how would you respond—face the allegations and redeem yourself, or give up on life entirely?

Koka Ferrers suffers from memory loss and dwindling trust among those who claim to be on his side. Life becomes a roller coaster for the 20-year-old, who is constantly ridiculed for his past evil deeds, ones he doesn’t even remember.

As Koka struggles to find redemption and his lost memories, he encounters rumors of an old enemy, the goddess Valentina, who has been missing for the past year. Dive into a world of Perpetua to help Koka uncover the truths of his country and his past, all while fighting to earn the love of a certain goddess along the way! If you’re seeking the ultimate escapism novel, J.X. Fu’s Darkness Me, Colorful You, Vol. 1 delivers a breathtaking adventure full of mystery, magic, and action.

In many ways, Perpetua, the world in Fu’s book, becomes a reflection of our own.  Written during a time when many were suffering, both physically and emotionally, Darkness Me, Colorful You helps to bring shared personal struggles to the surface, showing that it is okay to vulnerable, weary, and damaged.  Fu’s first fantasy is but a single trip into a world of reverie, but there is more on the way, meaning there’s never been a better time to dive in than now.  Check out Darkness Me, Colorful You, Volume 1 on Amazon today!

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