Fantasy Promo – Blank Paige

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to our second stop in the Otherworld of the week.  Today, we’re spending time in the world of an old friend, as we’re going to once again open the door to the magic of Ashley Griffin, the author who previously brought us The SpindleBlank Paige is an original tale that she’s concocted, and it is sure to enchant you time and again.  Read on to learn more about Blank Paige.

Author Ashley Griffin has a history of taking fairytales and magic and bringing them to life, whether its on stage, or within the pages of a book.  She’s done an incredible job at retelling some of the most famous stories, and she tells them in a way that is captivating and exciting.  Her newest release, Blank Paige, on the other hand, is Griffin’s first foray into a literary world all her own, though she enlists the help of famous fictional characters to unravel it.  A forging of a path that grips and enthralls readers, this latest tale of wonder is one that can surprise an audience around every corner, because every page has a destiny that is as yet untold.  Griffin’s work is at times whimsical, at times dark, but it all coalesces into a story that won’t soon leave your mind.

Set in an ethereal bookstore where all of the employees are fictional characters who have yet to be written, and must live a purgatory-like existence tending to the literary canon until their author shows up to claim them, “Blank Paige” follows Paige – an intelligent young woman who is the only character to arrive in the Store without any knowledge of her genre or story. Paige’s appearance sends the world of the Bookstore into a tailspin – causing the characters to question how much free will they have over their own lives, and threatening to destroy the very fabric of imagination. In this world, characters are far more complex than their archetypes would imply, and nothing is as black and white as it appears. From best-selling author and Broadway artist Ashley Griffin, “Blank Paige” is a meta, genre bending exploration of fate versus free will and the power of stories.

With this latest release, Griffin once again has a hit on her hands, and it is one that has its own breath of life that folks will be drawn to.  Blank Paige is a story that you can come back to for a reread after you’ve finished, and you’ll notice hints and secrets that you may have missed the first time.  The author has a wonderful talent of telling many-layered tales, and they end up coming to life in more ways than one.  Many of our readers have already fallen in love with the magic that Ashley Griffin brings to life.  Now is your chance to find a new story to immerse yourself in.  Check out Blank Paige, by Ashley Griffin, on Amazon today!

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