Fantasy Promo – Badgerblood: Awakening

Greetings, readers, and welcome to a new week full of promise and possibility.  We’re starting things off with an incredible fantasy story that is certain to become a new favorite.  Venture to the world of Caderia, and learn about Badgerblood.

Though S.C. Monson is an indie author, her debut, Badgerblood: Awakening, has the pedigree of a story with a huge publishing team behind it.  Monson and her husband are a dynamic writing and artist duo who lead readers into the world of Caderia, a fully-realized place filled with low-key magic and mighty majesty.  The lands that Monson invites her audience to explore are vibrant, expansive and expressive—it feels lived in, and not just a formless extension where the story takes place.  It has all the components necessary to make the next great fantasy adventure, and Monson executes wonderfully.

Few dare venture into the Borwood Timberland—a vast forest steeped in sky-piercing trees, demon creatures, and legend.

Few, except Kor.

An ancient gift pulses in his veins. The blood of shifting kings and queens flows through him. But he has forgotten his past and his lineage. Oblivious to his power, blind to his gift, his nightmares hold him captive.

Now a tyrant wants him dead.

When a strange, amber-eyed girl braves the forest in search of a rare flower and encounters a borlan, Kor has a choice: run, or face the spined demon-beast to help her.

His decision sparks a chain of events that sends him to rot in the salt mines of Perabon and pits him against a ruthless mercenary. His path awakens his gift, recalls his past, and unveils a murderous intrigue.

Badgerblood: Awakening is the first book in a new YA fantasy series—a tale of Princess Bride-like peril and adventure with plenty of humor and intrigue, and a sprinkle of magic and romance. The world is full of strange creatures and unique vegetation, and brimming with a wide assortment of characters ranging from tyrannical to quietly heroic.

Badgerblood: Awakening nails all the marks it sets for itself.  Stellar worldbuilding and lore, twists and turns in the story, incredibly likeable characters and wonderfully-written prose assure that those who pick up the book will not be disappointed.  It’s a great introduction to the world, and it is a hit with readers of all ages.  It was written with adults in mind, but young adults and older kids will love it too.  So what are you waiting for?  Dive into Caderia before the second book in the Badgerblood series is out.  Check out Badgerblood: Awakening on Amazon today!

And don’t forget to check out Monson’s website, where you can sign up for her series newsletter, and get a free short story set in her world.

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