Fantasy Promo – Andalaya (Epic of the Sages Book 1)

Greetings from the Otherworld, travelers.  If you’re here, you’re looking for a great story, and today we have one you shouldn’t miss, especially if you enjoy thrilling fantasy adventures.  Read on to learn more about Andalaya (Epic of the Sages Book 1).

Author Corey Rusick set out to do one thing when they released their debut fantasy, Andalaya (Epic of the Sages Book 1): deliver a tremendous story established in a world bountiful in lore and legend.  They passed that test with flying colors, as this first-in-a-series is incredible throughout.  It would not have surprised me to find that Rusick was merely a pen name for a more storied author who was trying to sneak under the radar.  Instead, what we have is someone who is just overjoyed by the medium, and sets his passion within it.  Andalaya isn’t a place that can just be created on a whim, and it’s clear that a great amount of care and creativity was tapped to bring it to life.

In the land of Iria, history has all but forgotten the Order of the Sages, an ancient people with inhuman abilities. Now, the balance of Iria’s power is crumbling as political machinations and uprising revolutionaries work to destroy the established peace. An exiled warrior, a young scholar, and a pickpocketing orphan must embark on a journey to rediscover secrets long buried, but the mysteries of Sagecraft may not be enough to save their world.

Rusick’s characters are some of the additional highlights here, as there will be some who you can’t help but adore and want to see through their hardships, while others are wonderful for all the wrong reasons, and you very much want to see them find their comeuppance.  No one feels one-dimensional, and you can feel the world living and breathing around the cast, down to the bit players.  The author is clever in his storycraft throughout, ensuring that every deception is surprising yet powerful, and that every twist of fate feels earned.  It’s because of the careful balance, and the dedication to Andalaya and to his craft that Rusick is able to mine such precious material out of this absolutely legendary debut.  Here’s to more to come from this world—but don’t wait and miss your chance to be among the first to read this amazing tale.  Check out Andalaya (Epic of the Sages Book 1) on Amazon today!

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