Epic Fantasy Promo – The Archon of Peace (Sovereign Book One)

Howdy folks!  It’s a new week, and it’s going to be a busy December, no doubt.  We need to stay home more than ever this year, and if you’re trying to distract yourself with a good read, I’ve got one for the ages for you.  Today we’ll be looking at a massive book, and only the first part of an epic journey.  Read on to discover more about The Archon of Peace.

Juddy Anderson C. Punzalan is a writing phenom, and he holds many other talents.  That is perhaps why the Sovereign series feels so vibrant and vast.  The Archon of Peace (Sovereign Book One) throws readers into Serestia, a land of magic and mystery that has been fully realized by Punzalan.  It’s thorough and expansive, and it has the capacity to lead its readers into pathways along its massive worldbuilding that you’ll have to see to believe.  Readers will find themselves lost in the grand tapestry that encompasses history, religion and mythology.  Just as appealing, however, are the characters that Punzalan presents, and the stories of their quickly changing lives, and the realization that they may not be as strong as they seem.

Serestia, a magical world fashioned by the gods, has been under the control of the Archons for thousands of years, and the kingdoms that divide the land co-exist with these enlightened beings who dwell within their impenetrable walls.

Amid the chaos and endless war, a long-awaited prophecy tips the balance and threatens not just the Archons but everyone else. The reincarnations of the legendary Renegade and the Elementalist find themselves pursued by the magical kingdom of Rasfera, the holy kingdom of Ydduj Celeri, and the ancient kingdom of Verheiden.

With the help of some friends they meet along the way, the brothers embark on a journey of discovery and purpose in a world shared by Humans, Archons, Ancients, and gods.

If you’re a reader of epic fantasy of the highest order, who likes to indulge in far-reaching stories that spread across an entire world, The Archon of Peace and the Sovereign series are for you.  This is one of those books that has a glossary at the end.  Punzalan has his work cut out for him, as he’s committed to nine more books in this humongous series.  Even if those books only scratched the surface of what the series opener does, readers are in for a great time, and bound to become fans.  Check out The Archon of Peace (Sovereign Book One) on Amazon today!

Also a cool bonus that Punzalan is working on: smaller books to give each of the characters a fair perspective—even those who might at first seem to be the villains.  It’s clear that this writer has an unparelelled passion for fantasy, and readers will no doubt love to be invited to his magnificent world.

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