Dark Fantasy Promo – Disciple of Vengeance (Shattered World Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers.  I always like these bookend weeks when we have stories at the onset and at the close.  It also feels great to close the week with the same subgenre of fantasy as well.  We started out with a darker fantasy, and we’re ending with one to take you into the weekend as well.  Today’s story is a doozy of a debut, too, so be sure to check it out.  Read on to learn more about Disciple of Vengeance.

C.C. Rasmussen knows how to make a compelling story, and a world and brand worth exploring.  Their debut dark fantasy, Disciple of Vengeance (Shattered World Book 1) is filled with strong, diverse, and dynamic characters, driven by events that haunt readers as much as the people who have lived through them.  It isn’t just the cast of characters who will captivate those who dive into the world of Urias, either.  Rasmussen produces incredible visuals and explores things in ways that we don’t often see.  This ends up creating not just a single world, but an entire tapestry of ways to conceptualize this dark and delightful creation.

Betrayed and left for dead, the only thing keeping Janis alive is rage. Rage at the enemies who slaughtered his family, at the wizard who sold them out, but most of all at himself for letting it happen.

Now it’s too late.

His body spasms. His memories leak away. In his final moments, a presence approaches him. It’s alien but powerful, driven by a hunger he’s never known. “Give me life within you,” the nameless one offers, “and I will give you your vengeance.”

Janis will go from prince assassin to fugitive sorcerer as he hunts the people who killed his family. He’ll battle mercenaries, cultists, gods and wizards in a magic devastated world to unravel a conspiracy that goes far beyond the treachery of one wizard.

He fuels his success with a diabolic power that will force him to ask what he sold his soul to, and to wonder what it really wants.

All he knows for sure is that there’s no going back.

Vengeance is only the beginning.

Right from the opening scene, Disciples of Vengeance sets its claws into those who dare to tread the path alongside Janis.  Readers will tear through this addictive quickly, hungering for what is bound to come next.  After all, it is a fantastic debut that holds infinite promise for the world Rasmussen is building, as well as for the story yet to come.  Check out Disciple of Vengeance (Shattered World Book 1) on Amazon today!

Also, as a heads up, Rasmussen has a free prequel story on offer that you can get for signing up for their newsletter on their website.

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Images provided courtesy of C.C. Rasmussen.


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