Dark Fantasy Promo – A Tormented King (Epics of Dyijrodell Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our very first promotion of the new year!  We’ve got an interesting story to dive into, on this the first week of a year filled with promise and possibility.  What would you do if you knew what was to come by the end of it?  Would you fight to change things, or would you submit to your fate?  These are the sorts of questions that are explored in A Tormented King.

Author Victor V Vierbickas III has a knack for crafting a story that you can know the end of, in some ways, and still be surprised by.  So it is in his debut, A Tormented King (Epics of Dyijrodell Book 1).  It follows the madness that befalls a king who knows his time is quickly coming to an end, in a world full of magic and mystery.  The king’s desperation to make a name for himself and hidden, darker desires make the writings of Vierbickas a truly captivating tale.  And it certainly helps that there are different shades of grey that shroud the main characters, as it leaves them all feeling multi-dimensional and interesting.

The Epics of Dyijrodell is a high fantasy adventure quest series. In the novel “A Tormented King,” you will follow the King of Dyijrodell, Dijon at the midway point of his journey. Faced with a known destiny and his desire to be a successful King he must set aside his fears and choose what is more important. His life or the longevity of his kingdom?

If darker fantasies are your delight, this debut could certainly be a fun read for you, and a worthy introduction to its author.  While the first book in Vierbickas’s fantasy series catalog has the potential to lead to many more stories in the kingdom of Dyijrodell and the surrounding lands, this first journey ends well enough that it could be a standalone.  Between all of its revelations, and all of its strong character relationships, readers are sure to find some closure here, with a tantalizing tease of what could come next.  Check out A Tormented King (Epics of Dyijrodell Book 1) on Amazon today!  And, if you are a nook reader, the book is available on Barnes and Noble, and you can use code BNPREAD2022 to get 25% off your order.

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