Children’s Fantasy Promo – The Wind’s Tale

Greetings travelers, and welcome to the last day of our wonderful week.  More often than not, we’re sharing stories of great heroes overcoming unspeakable odds and evil.  But sometimes, it does your heart well to remember that fantasy comes in all shapes and sizes.  Today, we’re going to be looking at a children’s fantasy that looks at things in a different light.  Read on to learn more about The Wind’s Tale.

Brought to life by Paul Steven Stone and Carla Carey, The Wind’s Tale is a beautiful children’s tale with an impactful message.  With a vibrant watercolor motif, readers will see through the eyes of a character who often goes underrepresented in fiction, allowing the story to take wing in ways that might be unexpected.  Best of all, its attractive qualities can be appreciated not just by the young, but by introspective older readers as well, especially those who want to spread the message that The Wind’s Tale imparts.

“The world, my friend, is filled with magic for those with the eyes to see. They are the ones who understand the laughter of seagulls, the joy of the setting sun and, of course, the stories told by the wind.”

A fabulously artful book, illustrated from the vantage of a quadriplegic boy whose eyes embrace a world wonderfully enlivened by his imagination.

Tellest has had the wonderful opportunity to promote Stone’s work before.  Although The Wind’s Tale is quite a departure from the karmic crime thriller that we looked at before, the one thing that they have in common is that a tremendous amount of heart and emotion shine through.  This book also shows experiences that readers may not have actively considered before, opening their eyes to something new and expressive, made all the more impressive by the hardship that it endures.  It’s a beautiful story, certainly worth a look.  Check out The Wind’s Tale on Amazon today!

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